0115X Power Pylon

Power Pylon sits subtly, almost unnoticed, on the desktop until needed. Then, just a tug of the handle and Power Pylon slides up and "clicks," locked in place, ready to use (data jacks are not pre-wired). Power Pylon has three different configurations: Model 0114X with Double Outlets; model 0115X with outlet and data jack; and model 0116X with two data outlets.

Power Pylon comes with a Matte Black Plastic cap with finger grips for easy lifting. Tube is extruded aluminum painted matte black. Power Pylon is engineered to seat securely in desktop so when user plugs in, unit will stay firmly upright and not bend backwards Unit is 6 1/2″ deep. U.L. listed and Canadian U.L. Listed.

011 Power Pylon

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